Pattern Makers

Cut by hand

Developed new cutting/design/cloth ideals as well as researching vintage pattern process and developing heritage cloths for projects in the German, US and Japanese markets with the focus on modern body shapes and fit.  This is a follow on from PKH and KATO’ historical construction of patterns, garments and cloths

The idea is simple, ‘to cut patterns to fit the body’ that what the pattern cutter in my first job said, I was 12, working for my Dad, the Cutter had over 50 years experience, but to me, as 12 years old,  just didn’t care, I  just wanted to make something…. his work ideals still ring true to me, ‘simple ideas, near impossible to do, but worth always try’ it was in the old Spirella Factory in Letchworth, hot summer day, in a room full of hot irons and broken sewing machines, the smell was wonderful, oil, cloth, steam and Player’s Navy cut…happy memories.

Anyway, that’s how it started, We wanted to make patterns that worked, not just pushed out of a computer, something that had shape and life to it, so we looked to the past, real pattern making. With RD we offer a full service. From sketch to sample, if needed, we can offer advice on cloths, factories, and trims, working with some of the best cloth houses in the world, and with a long relationship with Japanese cloth producers we can help on ALL aspects of garment development.  

With over 35 years, cutting and developing patterns with some of the best know brands (Cabourn, RRL, Levis, Lee Cooper, T.H., Kato Denim, B&A, Ships, Westwood..etc) and some of the bigger high street companies (C&A, Topshop, ASOS) we can produce patterns to suit. All cloths worked with, with extensive experience with denim and suit weight wool’s mainly men’s but we have also cut women’s of many of our customers.


Long Before ARN we worked for PKH in New York, building and rebuilding vintage garments, redlining, and sourcing vintage clothing and denim then we moved to Kyoto, Japan, I was the only gaijin cutting patterns for niche denim market. we offer experience and understanding.