No garments are subjected to artificial wear or distressing to make them appear old or used. Garments should be worn to the wear pattern of the owner and the wear should be honest and real.

Neil has a good-sized vintage collection and wears a lot of it, and still, believes clothes are for wearing not just looking at. The age of a garment shows the love you have for it or the memories you have in it or just reflects the life you lead.  ARN wants their garments to grow and change with the wearer. That is taken into consideration when the clothes are being designed.


Production-wise, they produce around 1000-1500 garments per season. Shirting accounts for 35-40% of that, with trousers and jacket, even split on the balance. Accessories are limited in production but account for whatever is left. Production limits itself both to the capacity of Neil and Akimi to design, source, contract, and follow up, but also the supply of fabrics and the availability of production capacity in the small factories they use. Primarily ARN works with London based production, which for obvious reasons is harder to find than if you can look all over the UK.